Specialised laboratories:

  • the Laboratory of Molecular Biology with the Cytogenetics and Protoemics Laboratory
  • the Laboratory of Environmental Research

Advanced research equipment:

  • a scanning electron microscope
  • an HPLC liquid chromatography device
  • an automated system for confocal and epifluorescent imaging of live cells in real time with integrated software for image analysis
  • real-time PCR equipment
  • equipment for genome sequence analysis
  • a 2D electrophoresis system with software, a dye chamber and a robot for cutting gel into slices allowing for work with biological material of various volume
  • a mobile laboratory (vehicle supplied with specialised equipment for analysing results)

Cutting-edge educational programs in the fields of:

  • molecular biology
  • biochemistry
  • microbiology
  • population genetics of plants and animals
  • breeding
  • aerobiology

Laboratory access for students of:

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Microbiology
  • Environmental protection
  • Biological criminalistics

Scientists and business people
are welcome to join
in this exciting collaboration!

  • Specialised laboratories
  • Advanced research equipment
  • Cutting-edge science
  • Laboratory access for students

The CMBB is enhancing the prospects for conducting far-reaching research in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology.


The Center of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Faculty of Biology at Szczecin University

ul. Wąska 13
70-415 Szczecin, Poland

Phone no. +48 91 444 15 91